Virtual Turntables



About Until AM

Until AM is a service developed by Until AM Ltd, a fresh startup from Helsinki, Finland. The company is owned by its two founders, Aaro Väänänen and Tuomas Karhu.

We're still in an early beta stage, but our passion is to bring virtual deejaying to the cloud, big time. Since all of the world's music is already available online, why should we need to download files just for deejaying? Until AM is the first full-fledged DJ tool tailored especially for the era of online digital music, allowing for a seamless blend of cloud-based music storage and local audio files.

The current version is intended for web browsers on laptops and desktop computers. Inspired by the huge success of the web app, we're at the moment working hard to bring Until AM onto mobile devices as well. Our vision is not to merely replicate the functionality of the traditional DJ tools onto the new platforms, but instead always create a perfect user experience without compromises by fully utilizing the unique characteristics of each environment.

We appreciate all feedback and we're open to all kinds of collaboration! If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions about Until AM, drop us a mail at

Enjoy your scratch sessions and stay tuned for updates!